New Health and Social Care Opportunities – 17th-23rd January

Top Opportunity

  • Title – Home Oxygen Services National Contracts
  • Commissioner – NHS England
  • Contract Start and Length – 10 Years starting May 7th 2019
  • Total Contract Value – £400m – £750m
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  • Service Summary – National Contracts will be established by NHS England for and on behalf of identified Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in each geographical region (identified by Lot) , who have the responsibility for commissioning the Home Oxygen Service for service users. A single contract will be awarded for each Region and all identified CCGs will be party to the Contract. The Home Oxygen Service (HOS) provides a service to users in their own homes and also supports users working and travelling outside the home through the provision of appropriate oxygen supply and equipment. HOS includes, but is not limited to; the provision of a customer contact centre; processing and delivery of Home Oxygen requests; supply and installation of equipment; training and guidance for service users and/ or carers; managing oxygen supplies through replenishment of cylinders and Liquid Oxygen (LOX); reimbursement of electricity costs for concentrator users; and servicing and maintenance of equipment.

2nd Top Opportunity

  • Title – Supported Living for Complex Needs
  • Commissioner – Walsall Council
  • Contract Start and Length – 3 Years starting 1st August 2019
  • Total Contract Value – £85m
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  • Service Summary – Walsall MBC is setting up a framework of suitably qualified and experienced suppliers to provide supported living services for Adults and Young people with Complex Needs. The services are split into seven (7) lots as follows:
  • LOT 1: Learning Disabilities & Co-Morbidities (LD)
  • LOT 2: Autism (AUT)
  • LOT 3: Physical Disability (AUT)
  • LOT 4: Sensory Disability (SD)
  • LOT 5: Mental Health (Dementia) (MHD)
  • LOT 6: Mental Health (Functional) (MHF)
  • LOT 7: 16/17 year olds with Complex Needs (CYP)

3rd Top Opportunity

  • Title – Integrated Criminal Justice Substance Misuse Treatment Service
  • Commissioner – Nottingham City Council
  • Contract Start and Length – 6 Years starting 1st September 2019
  • Total Contract Value – £5.8m
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  • Service Summary – Nottingham City Council and the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner are looking to commission an Integrated Criminal Justice Substance Misuse Treatment Service. The Provider will deliver one of the principle components in a fully integrated drug and alcohol treatment system framed around reducing harm and achieving sustained recovery from problematic drug and alcohol use. The Provider will deliver a bespoke service for offenders whose offending is informed by their substance misuse. The Service will be an integral part of the Criminal Justice system working in partnership with the Police, Probations, Courts and Prisons to deliver substance misuse interventions to reduce re-offending. The Service will deliver interventions to support a movement away from criminality, to sustain recovery and reduce the harm that offenders cause themselves, their families and the community in general.

Other Selected Opportunities

CommissionerService TitleTotal Contract ValueAdvert Link
London Borough Of Waltham ForestIntegrated Alcohol and Drug Behaviour Change Service£10.4mHere
NHS EnglandAPMS Church Lane New Romney£7mHere
North Tyenside CouncilProvision of Homecare Services 2019£39mHere
NHS EnglandWhyburn Medical Practice, Hucknall£1.1mHere
Warwickshire County CouncilFitter Futures Warwickshire£1.1mHere

Selected Market Engagement Opportunities

CommissionerService TitleAdvert Link
NHS EnglandDental Services Provision for HMP Chelmsford and Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal CentreHere
NHS EnglandGreater Manchester Trans Health ServiceHere
NHS EnglandSchool aged immunisations for Hampshire, Southampton, Portsmouth, Isle of Wight and Dorset (including Bournemouth & Poole)Here
Derbyshire CCGsThe Provision of an NHS Continuing Healthcare Domiciliary Care Service in DerbyshireHere