Health and Social Care Contract Awards – January 2019

The first month of the year is out of the way and there have been 76 health and social care contract awards of interest, with a total contract value (TCV) of just over £1bn. Please note this is just contract awards that have been published on OJEU in January 2019 – they have been awarded earlier and even already started.

Contracts over £100m TCV

Four contract awards were published of awards of over £100m TCV:

CommissionerServiceAwarded ToContract LengthTCV
Peterborough City Council
Adult Residential, Nursing and Dementia Care Placement Services DPSLots of Suppliers (unknown number)10 Years£300m
Blackpool CouncilPerson Centred Home Care12 Suppliers5 Years£130m
Yorkshire and Humber CCGsIntegrated Urgent Care ServicesYorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust7 Years£129.7m
Bradford Metropolitan District CouncilHome Support CQC Regulated Services21 Suppliers3 Years£111m

Top 5 Other Contract Awards of Interest

CommissionerServiceAwarded ToContract LengthTCV
Oxfordshire County CouncilIntegrated Sexual Health ServicesOxfordshire University Hospital NHS Trust5.25 Years£42.4m
Milton Keynes CCGUrgent Treatment Centre & Integrated Urgent Care Clinical Assessment ServiceSPV FROM DHU Health Care CIC and Milton Keynes Urgent Care5 Years£20.1m
NHS EnglandIntegrated Substance Misuse Treatment Service (SMS) to Surrey Prisons and Psychosocial Intervention SMS to Gatwick IRCThe Forward Trust5 Years£18m
Shropshire CouncilCommunity Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Recovery ServiceAddaction3 Years£6.8m
The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and the City of WestminsterIntegrated Healthy Lifestyles ServiceThrive Tribe4 Years£6.3m