Free Templates

Below are a couple of templates that you may find useful in managing your bid processes. Both documents are free to use and share.

Bid / No Bid Template

Below is a short template that may help you come to a decision about whether to bid or not to bid. I’ve populated it with some common headings and scoring explanations. Simply fill in the scoring and see what the percentage score comes out at. It is for you to decide what the thresholds for bidding should be, but you will probably want to aim for around the 75% mark.

Bid Summary Template

The bid summary document is intended to be a ‘living’ document that you update throughout the bidding process and could even be utilised through mobilisation in to service delivery. It provides an easy format to keep all the important information about the project in one place. The template below is an example of the summary during the early stages of a bid, at market engagement and/or the bid/no bid process.